Photos of Interest
In this section there are Historical Photographs of many different aspects of my art. There will be examples of painting in public, shows, booth displays, gallery displays, teaching art, and much more.
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Working on a Pallet Knife Oil
Finished the block in with one color. This was a commission painting
Painting inside a collectors home
I am standing in front of a large Oil Painting I am working on.
Painting at the "Festival of the Arts" in Laguna Beach
Painting at the Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach
This shows me painting at the Festival of the Arts, and that is my booth you can see in back of me.
Painting in Heisler Park
This my painting at the Las Brisis in Laguna. It shows how I use to set up there. How I wish I was still able to do this. Those were the days.
A Collector who bought this Painting standing with me on the cliff in Heisler Park, Laguna.
The finished sidewalk painting second year
An artist friend and myself talking about our sidewalk art experience.
Painting on my sidewalk art creation.
Working on sidewalk art
Working on sidewalk art
Working on creating sidewalk art.
Working hard
My booth at the Festival of the Arts, the first year.
Festival of the Arts booth the first year I did it.
The Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach, the second year I was there.
At the Festival of the Arts.
Festival of the Arts booth at night.
At the Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach the third year I did this show.
Banner for a one man Art Show that I did at Pierside Gallery
An Art Gallery Display of my Art
This is how I use to set up some paintings when I was painting outside. How I loved taking my art to the people.
A display when I painted outside.
Starting a 4 x 16 foot Mural.
Working on the Mural.
The gang where I painted this mural
The finished Mural before it was installed in building.
The finished mural
This is a detail of the Mural.
Shows the mural installed. That is me in a mirror, as this is a gym, taking a photo of the painting.
This couple commissioned the painting. It was just started.
This is the finished painting I did for the couple.
This couple commissioned a painting and they came to see it while it was just a sketch.
Here they are when the painting was finished.
With some collectors standing by the painting they commissioned.
I am standing beside a painting I just won first place for at an Art Show.
Paintings at a one man show.
More paintings I had at this show.
And more paintings at this show.
Some of my display at an outside Art Show.
This is a painting I did while at an art show of another artist painting. It was very spontanious and loose. I sold it that day.
I am at an Art Show I did inside a Mall.
More of my display.
A Portrait Example.
Mixing Paint on Pallet
Painting in the open
Painting in the Park
Painting in Nature
Painting outside
Showing a painting I just got back from the framers.
A lecture and demo
A lecture and demo