Available Art
 This page represents finished art that is presently for sale. If you are interested in a painting, or have questions, please go to the Contact Page and Email me. You can also contact me on my Face Book Page. There is never an obligation to inquire. I am all about a no pressure approach. You will be talking only to me, the artist. No galleries, no middle men. Also I love doing commissions. This is how I often paint for collectors. I can help you create the painting you have always wanted. I can even make a time-lapse film showing your painting coming to life. Ask any questions you wish, in a friendly no hassle environment. I hope to hear from you. I post most every day on Face Book. Stop by and say hello. Thank you 
Tropical Dreams
"Tropical Dreams" is a painting I recently finished. This painting was inspired by my love of the ocean, waves, and Tropical Islands that shine like a jewel in the setting sun. 
Oil Painting on Canvas, 16x20 inches. 
If this painting speaks to you, just contact me. 
$400 and I will include free ground shipping with full value insurance to the Continental US.  

reams" is a painting I finished recently. I wanted it to have a "dream" quality. The scene is inspired by my love of the ocean, waves, and Hawaii. While there are many vibrant colors, they seem soft, as they dance throughout the painting. The size of this Oil Painting on Canvas is 16x20 inches. This painting represents a dream I had, of gentle trade winds, crashing surf, and luscious palm trees at sunset.  
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Waiting for you
It's a perfect day to get wet because you know the water is warm and inviting. Wade in the water or jump on your surfboard, it is just another day in Paradise. 

Oil Painting on canvas,
16x20 inches. 
$400 and I will ship to the Continental US for free with full insurance. If you are interested just contact me.  
 you know the water is always warm and inviting. I love those Tropical Islands, how about you. 
The Rugged Coast of Oregon
If you've seen it you know, the grandeur of that amazing Oregon Coast is something to behold. The waves seem endless, and the rocks are truly beyond description. This is what inspired my brush as this painting came to life. 
​Oil Painting on Canvas, 8x10 inches
Shipping is not included. Whatever it costs will be added to this price. Always insured for full value. For a painting this size shipping won't be much. 
If you are interested in this unique painting, please contact me.
The Mighty Rogue River in Fall
One of the most unique rivers in Oregon is the Rogue River. Its moods change dramatically with the seasons. In Fall the trees turn to yellow, orange and red. This painting depicts this time of year.     The size is 12x14 inches. $200 shipped.