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"Echo Canyon in New Mexico" Acrylic, Yes, this is a painting. 24x30 inches
"Natures Wonder" 36x48 inch Pallet Knife Oil. I did this twice, this is the second one.
"Into the Light" 24x30 inch Oil
"Nature Walk" 24x36 inch Oil
"Along the River" Acrylic, This is a painting. The scene came from when I was driving back from New Mexico.
"The Bluff" 36x48 inch Oil
"To the Heart" 24x30 inch Oil
"Fishing Village in Mexico" 36x48 inch Oil
"Life is Beauty" 36x48 inch Oil
"Heisler Bluff" 30x36 inch Oil
"Zesto" 30x30 inch Oil
"Fishing on the Feather River" Oil
"Bridge at Crystal Cove" 30x36 inch Oil
"Coastal Palms" 18x24 inch Oil
"Beauty is Around You" 24x30 inch Oil
"Crystal Cove from Bluff" 36x48 inch Oil
"Veiw from Far" 36x48 inch Oil
"Heisler Park" 24x30 inch Oil
"Laguna Canyon" 24x30 inch Oil
"Pond" 16x20 inch Oil
"Pedistal outside of the Las Brisis" Oil
"This Moment" 16x20 inch Pastel
"Cocktails" 16x20 inch Pallet Knife Oil
"English Garden" 36x48 inch Oil Pallet Knife Painting
"England Pond" 36x48 inch Oil Pallet Knife. I did this painting twice. This is the first one.
"Grateful" 11x14 inch Acrylic
"Lilly Pad Splender" 20x60 inch Oil
"Laguna City View" Oil
"San Francisco" 36x48 inch Oil
"Pedistal" 12x16 Oil
"Pond of Light" 20x60 inch Oil
"Patio" 24x30 inch Oil
"Mexical Landscape" This is one of the first Oil Paintings I ever sold.
"Laguna Canyon" Oil
"By Any Other Name" 11x14 inch Acrylic
"Dusk" 16x20 inch Pastel
"Big Island" 24x30 inch Oil
"Feather River" 16x20 inch Oil
"Being Free" Oil
"Flowers on Pedistal" Oil
"Light House in Point Loma" Oil