Expermental Art
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"I Am Gratefu11x14 inch Oil
"Cosmic Bubbles" 24x30 inch Acrylic
"Another World" 18x24 inch Oil
"Gun Girl" 11x14 inch Oil
Detail of "Gun Girl"
"Look" 16x20 inch Oil
"Honky Tonk" 16x20 inch Oil
"Moment of Reflection" 16x20 inch Box Canvas Oil
"The Bluff" 24x48 inch Oil
"Crystal Sea" 30x36 inch Oil
"Imagine" 11x14 inch Acrylic
"Totem Surf" 12x24 inch Oil
Detail of Totem Surf
Detail of "Totem Surf"
"Spirits on Fire" 18x24 inch Pastel
"Free Spirit" 18x24 inch Charcoal & Pastel Painting
"Indian Pride" 18x24 inch Pastel Painting
"Zesto" 30x30 inch Oil
"Drink Like a Fish" Acrylic, Did this while at the Sawdust festival for fun. Crazy Man
"Mother Nature" 18x24 inch Oil
"To Touch Your Soul" 11x14 inch Oil
"Curves" Oil
"Yum" Pastel, the glare is from the glass over it.
"So Now What" 24x30 inch Acrylic
"Being Free" Oil with very loose strokes
"Life is Beauty" 36x48 inch Oil
"A Special Place" 36x48 inch Oil
"Time to Be" 11x14 inch Oil
"Crystal Sea" 30x36 inch Oil
"African Fantasy" 24x30 inch Oil, I did this, changed it. See change.
"Gypsy" 24x30 inch Oil
"Tiki" Palm Leaf Painted in Acrylic
"Zorro" 16x20 inch Acrylic
"To the Rescue" 11x14 inch Oil
"The Shield" Water Color and Pastel
"There was a Time" 18x24 inch Water Color and Pastel
"The Battle" 18x24 inch Pastel and Charcoal
"Africa" I made a frame out of plywood, burned the wood some, varnished it, and made it part of the painting.
"Lion" I made the frame out of plywood, burned it, varnished it and made it part of the painting.
"Living Tree" There is lots going on in this ink drawing. Look and look some more.
"Searching for what" 18x24 inch Pastel