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"Chess Players" 18x24 inch Pastel. I love this painting. I did it long ago.
"Spirits on Fire" 18x24 inch Pastel
"Idle Moment" 18x24 inch Pastel
"Birds and Cat" 18x24 inch Pastel. This cat belonged to the landloard where I lived when I first moved to Laguna
"Indian Pride" 18x24 inch Pastel
"Shaman" 18x24 inch Pastel
"A Face of Life" 12x14 inch Charcoal Drawing
"Old Miner" 18x24 inch Charcoal Drawing
"Purrrty" 18x24 inch Pastel
"Chief" 11x14 inch Charcoal Drawing
"Free Spirit" 18x24 inch Charcoal Drawing
"Another World" 18x24 inch Charcoal Drawing
"Hawk" 18x24 inch White Charcoal on Black paper
"Gorilla" 16x20 inch Charcoal.
"Early Self Portrait" 16x20 inch Pencil Drawing
"Laguna Calls" 36x48 inch Oil
"Stormy" 16x20 inch Oil
"Laguna Canyon" 18x24 inch Oil
"Main Beach Laguna" 24x36 inch Oil
"Pelican" 16x20 inch Pastel
"The Shield" Water Color and Pastel
"Buffalo Warrior" Pastel
"The Battle" 18x24 inch Pastel and Charcoal
"There was a Time" Water Color and Pastel
"Cindy" One of my first attempts at a refined Pastel
"Felix the Cat" I painted this in heavy Oil in a Spontanious manner.
"The Eagle" This was a very early Pastel of mine. The reflecton is from the glass over it.