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Thank you for your interest in my artistic creations. You will be dealing with me only. There are no extra costs associated with a brick and mortar gallery or middle men. I can always be easily reached by Email 

                                       Or Visit me on Facebook

If you wish to Purchase a piece of Art, the first thing to do is Contact me. After this we can at your convenience talk directly on the phone. I always understand that you may only be exploring the possibility of having my art. There will never be any obligation assumed. I am here to answer any and all the questions you may have. I never get back to anyone unless it is clear that it is what you want. 

​I specialize in painting for a collector. This is one way of having a painting of the subject, style and size that you want. There are hundreds of my paintings to look at here, on my Gallery PageAvailable Art Page, or on my page at                                                   Facebook
I have done over a hundred commissions, and there has never been any problems. My collectors can become part of the process by their choice of motif. I send you progress photos as the painting is coming along. Lately I have learned how to do Time-Lapse movies. Not only can you have the painting you have always wanted, but you can have a movie that shows the many stages of its creation. Let me show and explain a bit about a commission I did lately. 
GTO on the Big Island of Hawaii
 This was one of my commissioned paintings. I painted it for a couple who live on the East Coast. They travel to Hawaii and love the Big Island. They own classic cars, this depicted 68 GTO being one of them.We spoke on the phone many times to decide what they wanted. The husband had a favorite Hawaiian Shirt. I told them to have him wear it and get in the car, and described how I wanted them to take the photographs. We never got just the photo I wanted so I used another photo of the car they took that worked and I used a different photo of him in the car as depicted. We talked and decided to put in the Dash Board Hula Girl. They had a favorite place in the Big Islands, so I found pictures of this coast and used this as where the car was parked. In the rear view mirror I depicted a waterfall pond and in the side rear view mirror I put some Hibiscus Flowers. I put a surfer riding a wave out in the ocean. On the upper left side there is a hint of palm tree leaves. The color of the car is what it actually is. All in all this was quite a complex painting and a fun challenge. 
It was a large painting, 30x40 inches done in Oil Paint. 
It was fun working with my collectors, and we all have a great time. I would use small sketches to give them my ideas as to how to take the needed photos. After they approved the finished painting, using a good photo of it that I sent them, and it was dry, I shipped it to them. It arrived perfectly. 

​I hope you enjoyed this story about one of my commissions. I would love to do one for you. As well as coastalscapes and landscapes I also do portraits. Pet portraits too. Challenge me. It is my passion. 
Please Contact me with any questions you may have. There is never ever any obligation to inquire.