Coastal Art
"The Ladybug" 30x40 inch Oil, Available in a 30x40 inch Limited Edition Geclee
"Crystal Cottage" 30x40 inch Oil
"Dog Beach" 30x40 inch Oil
"La Jolla" 30x40 inch Oil
"Ol Mans/Dog Patch" 36x54 inch Oil
"A Special Place" 35x48 inch Oil
"Crystal Cove from Bluff" 24x36 inch Oil
"A Perfect Place" 36x54 inch Oil
"Cottage of Dreams" 24x36 inch Oil
"Fishing Village in Mexico" 36x48 inch Oil
"Tressels" 36x48 inch Oil
"Backside of Laguna Hotel" 36x48 inch Oil
"Shaws Cove Patio" 36x54 inch Oil
"Seaside Paradise" 36x48 inch Oil
"Shaws Cove" 24x48 inch Oil
"Beach Cottage" 36x48 inch Oil
"Children in the Surf" 24x36 inch Oil
"Day at the Pier" 24x30 inch Oil
"Pelican in old Ensanada" 30x36 inch Oil
"Huntington Pier" 36x48 inche Oil
"Laguan Calls" 36x48 inch Oil
"Surf City" 36x48 inch Oil
"Crystal Sea" 30x36 inch Oil
"Surfing the Oil Pier" 12x16 inch Oil
"Sea View of Main Beach" 24x48 inch Oil
"Lone Palm" 24x26 inch Oil
"Life Guard Stand 20" 12x14 inch Oil
"Heisler Palms" 18x24 inch Oil
"Shore Break" 12x16 inch Oil
"Towards Main Beach" 36x48 inch Oil
"Catalina Harbor" 24x36 inch Acrylic
"San Onofre Surf" 36x48 inch Oil
"Coastal Golf" Acrylic
"Laguan Cove" 30x36 inch Oil
"Looking Towards Laguan" Acrylic. In this painting I did a red undercoat and let it show throug. It was very loose with large strokes of paint. I was creative with the color
"Nice Laguna View" 30x40 inch Oil
"Two Boats" 16x20 inch Oil
"Pallet Knife Laguna" 24x48 inch Oil Pallet Knife
"Stormy" 18x24 inch Oil
"Main Beach Laguna" 24x36 inch Oil
"Catalina View" 12x14 inch Oil
"Laguna Main Beach" 30x40 inch Oil
"Seaside Stroll" 36x48 inch Oil
"Seaside Solitude" 12x14 inch Oil
"Laguna Dreams" 24x30 inch Oil
"Crystal Bridge" 36x48 inch Oil. I did this twice, this is the second one.
"View from Far" 36x48 inch Oil
"San Francisco Bridge" 36x48 inch Oil
"San Francisco Bay" 12x24 inch Oil
"The Point" 24x30 inch Oil
"Three Palms of Laguna" 24x30 inch Oil
"Loose Gazebo" 24x30 inch Oil
"Seaside Garden" 16x20 inch Oil
"Heisler View" Oil
"My Spot" 24x36 inch Oil
"A Cove" 36x48 inch Oil
"Hisler View of Coast" 24x36 inch Pallet Knife Oil
"On the Bluff" Oil
"Laguan Gazebo View" 36x48 inch Oil
"Crystal Cove Shack" 36x36 inch Oil
"The Las Brisis Restaurant" A loose stroke painting in Oil
"Laguna Coast" 24x48 inch Oil
"Gazebo at Laguna" 12x14 inch Oil
"Laguan Palms" Oil
"Palms in Paradise" Oil
"Loose Laguna" Acrylic
24x36 inch Oil
"Laguna Gazebo" Oil
This Acrylic is painted fast letting the red underpainting show through.
"Another day at the Pier" Oil
"Laguna" This is a large Pallet Knife Painting in Oil
"The Pier at Huntington" Oil
"Gazebo" This was in Acrylic painted fast with large strokes
"Gazebo of Laguna" A quick Pallet Knife Painting in Oil
"Crystal View Cottage" 36x48 inch Oil
"Lifeguard at Fishermans Cove" Oil, I made all the colors in this painting using only three colors and white.
"Birds at the Point" I did this exact painting twice. This was the fist one and it was done loose. The next one was more detailed.
"Birds on the Point" Large Oil, This is the more detailed of two attmepts at this scene.
"The old Huntington Pier" 36x48 inch Oil
"Fishing Boat in Old Ensanada" Oil, This was in my very early history
"Coastal Melaluca Tree" Oil
"Point looking North" Oil
Couple of Paintings at the show
"Boat and Reflection" Pastel
"Walkway to Beauty" This is a very loose Acrylic
"Surf and Rocks" Oil
"Tressels" Not a good photo, I will get a better one soon if I can find it.
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