Artist  Insights
​Passing on knowledge and ideas is what this page is about. I make no claim that anything you read here is the "Right way" or the "Best way". This is just my attempt and passion to give, as best as I can, some insight into Art. If you enjoy art and might want to know some of the "Why" of art, you might find this page of interest. If you are an artist, maybe something I do or think might point you in a helpful direction. What you might find here could range from useful advice, to motivation and encouragement. I may share ideas I have in regards to some aspect of art. This page will grow as it does. If you choose to read what I write, I hope you will find it rewarding. Art is a direct link to intellect and being human.  
One thing is For Sure. If you don't start, or if you quit, you won't progress. Believe in Yourself. Creating your own individual self is the highest pinnacle of artistic achievement. Anyone who has achieved greatness was a friend of mistakes. If you are afraid to make mistakes, you will not create uniqueness. You remember the not quitting part, right? If you feel you are not creative, you have listened to the wrong advice. Jump in there and go for it.